The decals on the Sting are probably the hardest thing to find.  New Old Stock (NOS) versions of the decals command a lot of money these days.  Reproduction decals will sell for less, but, they are quite uncommon as well.  My focus has become more on original condition bikes, so, I do sell some of my stock of NOS and very high quality reproduction decals that I have picked up over the years from time to time.

1979 Black Sting - OG beauty showing proper decal placement

This is the second bar used on the Sting and the bar most consider to be the “Sting Bar”.  This beautiful condition handlebar still has the original SBC decal on the cross bar.  This decal is the same decal as the one used on the fork legs on later model Stings.  NOS decals are not marked Dri-Mark on the back like some Sting decals.

Closeup of the decal on the cross bar

This is an example of a chainstay decal.  These decals were produced in Yellow, Red and Blue.  Based on what I have learned, there was no real rhyme or reason behind the color selection for a frame.  I have seen blue frames with blue and yellow etc.

Here is a set of NOS Red

Example of a blue decal.  Note the placement of the decal on the stay.  I find that there is variability in the placement of the decals - some on the sides and some more on the top of the stays.

Shot of the back of a set of the chainstay decals - they were not marked Dri-Mark like some of the other decals.

Fork decal only used on the first generation fork (1979 and 1980)

Closeup of NOS fork decal

Downtube decal - NOS Decals will have a Dri-Mark stamp on the back

Tri-Oval decal - No Stamp on the back of this decal

Close up of Tri-Oval Decal

Back of Tri-Oval Decal

Schwinn Coin - or Quality Decal

Back of a Schwinn Quality Decal

Patent Applied for decal - only found on earlier Stings - research by Ted Carl has indicated that the Patent decal (which replaced the Pat Pending decal) around May/June of 1980.  I have a blue OG from June that still has the Pat Pending decals - perhaps one of the last before the switch.

SBC fork decal found on second generation forks

Vertical Schwinn decals on the fork

Dri Mark Stamp

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