Schwinn Sting


The Sting was developed Frank Brilando in 1978.  Frank was a cyclist and long time Schwinn engineer.  Marc Muller joined Schwinn in 1979 as an assistant to Frank and incorporated some refinements to enhance the durability of the bike.

Frank and Marc’s bicycle was a masterpiece and using the highly skilled Paramount builders to manufacture these frames resulted in a BMX bike of incredible quality.

I had dreamed of owning a Sting as a kid.  I worked very hard and saved my money (they are close to 500/600 dollars complete), but, put off buying one in the fall of 1982 (more or less).  When I went back to the shop in the spring I found that the Sting was gone..So, a few years ago at the ripe old age of 40 I stumbled upon a listing for a Sting on eBay (I was interested in finding one for my son).  After some quick googling, I found that there was a large body of people who were collecting all sorts of 1980’s BMX bikes .  I was quickly taken by the hobby and bought my first Sting shortly after.  Since them there have been many others. 

In any event, I spent a bunch of time relearning things about the bike.  And, while I think that there are many great sources of information about the Sting, I thought I would pull the information together and document it with photos for the reference of current and future collectors.  I also want to ask people to contact me if they have information that will make this site better (corrections, contributions etc.) please contact me by clicking on the email me icon below.

I hope you enjoy the site and some of the great bikes displayed here many of which are not mine but incredible examples from collectors around the world.


Schwinn sting