Schwinn Sting Head Badge

The head badge used on the Sting was different from the rest of the BMX lineup.  The badge was round rather than oval.  The badge was also attached with very small sheet metal screws.  The screws were slotted and had a round head. 

I have visited a number of machinist who have been unable to identify what exactly the screw is.  The measurements put it close to a #2 screw and also very close to a 2mm screw, but, I have found that neither work.  If anyone knows for certain what the screw is, let me know.

The head badge was actually used on a number of bikes in the Schwinn lineup – as of 2011, these badges are still fairly common in NOS condition.

Example of an unstamped head badge

Picture detailing the screws used to attach the headbadge

Picture detailing the number stamped into the head badge.  The number represents a Julian date.  The first three digits of the code represent the day of the month that the frame was produced.  The forth digit is the last digit of the year – so, this one would be 163 day of the year in 1979.  Please note that these head badges get passed around quite a bit so it is likely that the one on any given bike may not be original.  In addition, we know that not all were stamped.  Bill Curtain shed some light in this.  It seems that bikes that were built as completes had stamped head badges.  Frame only builds did not have a stamped head badge.